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Batteries are an integral part of any alternative energy system, storing the energy necessary later to run your lights, TV and other loads and appliances. Unlike car batteries these "solar" or "deep cycle" batteries are used where charging and discharging occurs daily.


Each battery technology has its advantages and disadvantages, it is therefore important to choose the right battery for the application. For SOLAR applications GEL technology is without doubt the right choice, the price premium is easily off-set by the life and cycle expectations for this demanding application subjected to high and low temperatures, unpredictable charging, daily cycling, probable partial state of charge discharges.


Advantages of Gel Batteries:

  • Full recovery from deep discharge, even when the battery is not recharged immediately.
  • Ideal for repeat cycling daily use.
  • Excellent performance over long discharges
  • Good tolerance to higher temperature applications
  • Improved resistance to freezing
  • Suitable where mains power is unstable
  • Zero stratification due to immobilized electrolyte
  • Reduced self-discharge
  • Limiting design protects the positive plates to greatly improve cycle life
  • Thicker plates for reduced grid corrosion and increased cycle life
  • Improved charge acceptance due to low internal resistance
  • High resistance to water loss with the right charging set up
  • Ultra stable polymer separator with glass mat for increased performance
  • High resistance to shorting due to superior mechanical strength of the polymer separator
  • Increased tolerance to poor charging parameters
  • Can be discharged even when full recharge has not been achieved, without loss of battery capacity


Advantages of AGM Batteries:

  • Lower initial cost when compared to equivalent power Gel
  • Ideal for starting and stationary applications
  • Superior performance for shorter duration / higher current discharges
  • Smaller size battery can be used for higher rate discharges





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