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LED Lighting


LED Lights should be standard components in all households and commercial outfits whether powered by Solar or not. It's easy to see why:

✓ Low consumption 1 Watt LED is equivalent to 9 Watts Filament/Halogen and 2 Watts fluorescent.
✓ High Efficiency Energy Saving Light increasing with time
✓ High Luminosity
✓ Long operating life with over 50000 hours
✓ Reverse polarity protection
✓ Resistant to radio/TV interference
✓ Wide Voltage operating range especially relevant in rural areas.


Ideal for 12 V and 240 V retrofitting they cut your running costs down to the bone instantly.




3W/6W/12W/18 N & W White

3W/6W/12W N & W White

6W MR16 Led

8W LED bulb

18W Led Tube

GU10 6W 240V DIM Warm White

LED E27 7W 240V Warm White

LED 15W 240V N & W White

LED B22 7W 240V N & Wl White

LED CL37 18W 240V N & W White

LED CL51 18W 240V N & W White

LED CL59 13W 240V N & W White

LED Floodlight 30-50W 240V

LED FL10 10W 240V Cool White

LED 45W 240V Neutral White/Warm white



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* Solar Electrical Technologies reserves the right to make specification changes without prior notice. Please contact us to obtain the latest specifications.