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To deal with frequent power outages and the unavailability of solar radiation during rough weather and night-hours usually makes it difficult to make or store power. The solution to this problem can be an off grid solar system or stand-alone system. This system balances the mismatch between the electrical load and the electricity produced, and the power is supplied as per the application requirement (DC Load or AC Load), with the help of some energy storage devices like batteries.

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Feasibility Study

Successful project delivery is at the heart of all we do, starting at the very earliest stages of a project. We draw upon our expertise in the financial aspects of project development combined with our leading technical and environmental expertise to reduce development and planning risks to help ensure that you have a consented and financially viable solar project.
Our specialist solar team provides detailed Technical and Financial feasibility report.


Design and development

Solar Electrical technologies are able to assist clients in the design and development stage of large-scale solar projects. Typically, this includes assistance on project sizing and optimization of design. Our solar consultants have an in-depth understanding of current solar technologies and are able to assess the proposed technology including modules and inverters. When reviewing modules, BRE provides an in depth analysis of Technical characteristics, Quality standards, Environmental compatibility, Compatibility with system design, Expected degradation and reliability, Warranties.
Once a suitable technology has been proposed we are able to model different system configurations to ensure they are electrically compatible and optimized for the maximum yield output.


Construction and  Installation

Our expert team monitors the delivery of construction work on large utility-scale developments and advises the client on whether work is being carried out in compliance with the contract, in line with the planned schedule and to an industry-standard quality. We have in-house electrical, civil, environmental and health and safety teams to provide specialist support alongside our dedicated solar team.


Operation and Maintenance

Operation and Maintenance.