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Poly-crystalline modules are the best choice for high quality installations. All modules will have long and safe efficiency with product warranty as well as an outstanding product quality. As all elite solar modules are poly-crystalline series will only be offered with plus tolerance and always available choice.



Poly-60 Series 235W-260W


✓ High performance modules of poly-crystalline solar cells
✓ Connection box with 6 bypass diodes
✓ 3,2 mm thick safety glass of high transparence
✓ 10 year product warranty
✓ 10 years guarantee at 90% rated performance
✓ 20 years guarantee at 80% rated performance
✓ Up to + 3% positive power tolerance
✓ Cell efficiency up to 17.81 %


Tehnical Data

Dimensions (L x W x H)

1640 x 992 x 40 or 50

Weight (kg)


Cell dimensions (mm)


No of cells / Assemby

60 / 6 x 10

Type of cells


Hail resistance

Max. Ø 25mm at 23m/s

Wind load

2000 Pa / 204kg / m2

Mechanical load

5000 Pa / 510kg / m2




Connection box

 6 bypass diodes, IP67

Wire cross section (Ø , mm2)


Cable length (mm)


Connector type

 MC4 / MC4 compatible








* Solar Electrical Technologies reserves the right to make specification changes without prior notice. Please contact us to obtain the latest specifications.




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